Veteran Nashville Defense Attorney Joy Kimbrough to Run for Criminal Court Judge


Nashville, Tennessee—Nashville attorney Joy Smith Kimbrough, of Bordeaux, is pleased to announce her candidacy for the special election to fill the vacancy in Davidson County Criminal Court, Division II.  Kimbrough is a criminal defense attorney who has handled thousands of criminal cases including some of Middle Tennessee’s most high-profile cases.  Kimbrough has also taken an active role in promoting civil rights in Nashville.

“For far too long, the criminal justice system has failed to treat all who come before the court with fairness, and it has failed to provide both defendants and victims alike with the justice that they deserve,” said Kimbrough.  “Criminal Court Judges have the awesome power and responsibility to dispense justice in equal measure, and every individual has a right to the equal protection of the law without regard to their race or social status.  Nashville needs a judge who recognizes the importance of drug treatment, believes in defendants’ capacity for rehabilitation, and recognizes that our system of mass incarceration has torn apart families and failed to address the needs of crime victims as well.”

As Criminal Court Judge, Judge Kimbrough would commit to the following platform:

1.  Improving access to expungement for eligible defendants so that they can access employment, housing, and educational opportunities;

2.  Helping victims of crime access their rights to financial compensation;

3.  Facilitating access to civil rights and voting rights restoration once defendants have completed their sentences; and

4.  Ensuring that all individuals who come before the courtdefendants, victims, witnesses, attorneys, and all othersare treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

The Joy for Justice Campaign Committee invites you to support this platform by visiting  Join us January 19, 2018 for the campaign kick-off at Al Menah Shrine Temple, 1354 Brick Church Pike, Nashville, TN 37207, 6pm-8pm.  For questions or media inquiries, please email

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Joy Smith Kimbrough for Judge.  Mable Osemwegie, Treasurer.